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Are you searching for more?    Longing for a deeper drink of God?
Desiring spiritual relief? 

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Are you hungry to be with God but stuck and struggling to move forward? 

 We need the relief of living life with God to handle the heartaches and stress of life. 

The solution is living a lifestyle of “withness” with God. We need his rest, restoration, and hope. 

Recover Your Rest | Restore Your Life | Renew Your Hope



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Encouragement from the Blog 

Are you tired and worn out from keeping up with it all?  

With access to communication and digital media 24-7, we find we can no longer shut down for rest or take restorative time off. We live on a hamster wheel  of chronic stress, distorted perceptions and broken hearts rather than a bedrock foundation of rest, truth and hope. 

 All the way back in the beginning, God created a rhythm for us that works with the way he designed us.  It's a rhythm of rest followed by work.  Work flows from a place of rest.  Our rest flows from our "withness" with God.  Life happens, though, and we lose our "withness" with God. 


 I am passionate about helping you find your "withness" with God.  Together, we can develop strategies and experiences to meet with God in sustainable ways that recover your rest, restore your life and renew your hope. 

“Catherine helped me rebuild my trust in God which settled my heart and allowed me to begin to rest. She offers strategies that are thoughtful and accessible."

Jane Doe, participant in a retreat


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